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Connect with Danielle on Twitter @ SocialMediaDFW. Screenshot measurements reveal that only 314 pixels are displayed from a 315-pixel image upload. The top edge appears to be covered by the Facebook header bar. A test with a 314-pixel tall image became distorted when uploaded, so do upload a 315-pixel tall image even though only the bottom 314 pixels will be displayed. If you dont like any of these cover pages, you can always create a custom one. Lets begin by opening a blank document, and make it pretty. Give it a good background color and put a great picture. Post your Facebook Page link in the comments. About the Author: Danielle Glick is the Social Media Director President of DGdesign, a social media agency that helps brands meet their business goals via strategic marketing. The Facebook cover photo is not a common image size, and the rectangular composition includes a cut-out for your profile icon in the lower left corner. This means the best-looking cover photos tend to be images that are designed to take advantage of the cover photos exact size and shape.

You can design an image collage or use one big, beautiful photograph just keep the cover photo shape in mind when setting up your composition. Your company logo should appear somewhere, usually in your profile icon, in which case it is not needed as an extra graphic in your cover photo.

Head over to the Insert ribbon and youll find that Microsoft Office gives some cover pages that you can use. Although, normally a cover page appears in the first page, Word lets you place the cover page anywhere in the document. Select quality images Images are a powerful way to create an emotional state, so your Pages cover photo should embody the essence of your brand. Use high-quality photographs that are in focus, have balanced color and good lighting, or use photo editing software to optimize your images. Updated as of May 11, 2012: This article has been updated to reflect the recent change to the profile image sizes on Facebook. Take a look at the DGdesign example to see how the changes could affect your page. Chances are that your existing photos were not composed to take advantage of the unusual shape of a Facebook cover photo. Youre also missing out on the opportunity to combine multiple photos and text into a full page banner image. Profile icon size: 160 x 160 pixels, with a minimum image upload size of 180 x 180 pixels. Important tips: Facebook will overlay a 1-pixel transparent gray border on top of your image. This how-to guide is designed to help Facebook Pages create a cover image that looks professional, makes a great first impression, and markets your brands best assets without violating the Facebook Pages Terms. Then click on the photo to add a caption, tags, and location information. Now show off your cover photo design! Wed like to see what you came up with after following these steps. A great cover page draws readers, and if you know Word, then you are in luck, because Word gives ready to use cover pages. But did you know that Word lets you create your own cover pages? If you plan to include text, consider its placement when selecting images. Here are a few image content ideas suitable for brands: Candid photos of customers enjoying your products (be sure to get permission to use their likeness) Your most popular products Icons of awards won Employees in action Company founders Store interior or exterior Branded vector graphic 5. The Facebook cover photo is not a common image size, and the rectangular composition includes a cut-out for your profile icon in the lower left corner. This means the best-looking cover photos tend to be images that are designed to take advantage of the cover photos exact size and shape. He also talked about increasing access to healthcare, immigration reform, increasing the minimum wage and combating climate change. Warren appeared in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, this weekend to pitch Clinton's college plan and to encourage millennials to register to vote. The amount of DNA sequence examined is so small, especially for a conserved region DNA that remains very similar across many different species, that I am not certain the type of bear can actually be concluded. Essay Examples for College Admissions. My goals is that I want to become a teacher for either mathematics or science. I had helped my teachers explaining to. Cracked, "7 Lost Bodies of Work (That Would Have Changed Everything A Fandom 's worst nightmare: A creator dies before completing his work, leaving it orphaned. If readers are lucky, the author had enough warning or foresight to keep notes on his plans for the rest of the series or at least fill someone else in on the most relevant plot. L alena dissertation. L alena dissertation essay on criticism imagery estate essay watch movie at home or cinema valmiki jayanti essays. Kansas city fed dissertation internship cover. Cattleya aclandiae descriptive essay midwifery caseloading essay aila research paper doctor who critical analysis essay dr bastian hiltscher dissertation proposal intro sur la peine de mort dissertation. Put as many document property as you want. When you are done, select all the components on the cover page (CTRL A and save it into the gallery. Give it the appropriate name and save it.

Got a Facebook Page for your business? Freaking out about creating a good-looking cover photo for your. Timeline? Youve probably noticed that striking visual piece in the Facebook Pages timeline layout a nearly-screen-width banner image, known as a Cover.

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