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Princess Grace shows off Monaco. Instant color pictures - a new feat by Polaroid, Edwin J. Land perfects his surprising Land Camera, film goes on sale for the first time next week, photos of lab tech Kathy Novy of Cambridge. - special report by Jot Neri, cartoon0style illustration by Huehnergarth. Governor Scranton's gala debut in Pennsylvania. A New York judge upholds pretty girls' privilege of dressing like bunnies, Playboy club in New York. Recent Updates. Official Hello Kitty Cardboard Cutout and Stand-in Now Available. As a cat lover myself (a pic of my cat Arthur is below ) I couldn t help. I watch for paired orders from the two stores, combine shipping and refund any overpayment. NOTE : In a few cases from 1962 on, some content varies by the distribution region, Eastern vs.

New facts about the risks of blood transfusions. National Research Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts, produces finest-ever metal powder, a billion particles on the head of a pin, to help fabricate better alloys.

Recent Updates. Official Hello Kitty Cardboard Cutout and Stand-in Now Available. As a cat lover myself (a pic of my cat Arthur is below ) I couldn t help. Gift Guide 2016: 31 Books For Your Wish List 2016 Microsoft Privacy Legal About our Ads Feedback. Help MSN Worldwide Newsletter MSN Movies. Painters and angry poets join a growing cult which enshrines Marilyn Monroe, James Rosenquist, Derek Marlowe, Pauline Boty, Norman Rosten. Brief article about Marilyn's heirs, Lee Strasburg, May Reis, Bernice Miracle, Mrs. New York newspaper strike still going string. Harry Levinson buys the Idols Eye diamond 70.20 carats for 375,000. John Apel lives in a plastic tent because of Cystic Fibrosis. Greece Gods and Myths - paintings by Eugene Berman, drawings by Arno. Fight to save eagle and polar bear from extinction. 1.0 Fair (All Good, but has address label scar) - 10 Life Magazine January 18, 1963 : Cover - Greece - Part II - Myths, Gods and Heros, cover painting of the Trojan Horse by Eugene Berman. I, clocked at 406 mph. Mona Lisa tours the US, inspires hairdos and parodies and awe. Prison photos smuggled out of Cuban jail. LIFE guide to family ski vacations, where to leave the kids, small cartoon by Elmer. Western half of the USA. The difference is typically just a few ads, but may apply to a short piece on the back of an ad page. If you need a specific ad or short piece or photo, note this in the COMMENTS section of the order form, thanks. An architect's home, Eliot Noyes, photos by George Silk, Calder sculpture, Picasso vase, and all the kids practice music. Cassius Clay, his poem "I'm the greatest and he's after Sonny Liston, too. If there is something specific you need verified, request that along with the RMCR. Can all tradelines be verified over the telephone? Not all tradelines can be verified over the telephone. The Hebrew scribes who penned down the Torah would never have acknowledged that Moses father would have been a full blooded Egyptian king. Legends about Moses suggest that he was not just any prince in the royal household, but none other than the crown to the heir, the firstborn of the king. The Queen of Sheba 4. The History of the Queen of Sheba 5. The Treacherous Banquet 6. The Megiddo Ivory 7. Nefertiti 8. The Hittites 9. Helen of Troy 10. Saul vs Labayu 11. He even received death threats for not holding segregated meetings. In 1956 Roberts was invited to Australia. He held meetings in Sydney and Melbourne. In Melbourne there were outright physical attacks and destructive gangs. Saunas - a hot fad in the US and Finland. Three daughters of Charlie Chaplin prepare to ski at Crans sur Sierre, Switzerland. Dog team fun in Aspen, Colorado, plus the Boomerang Lodge, with Steve, Brown, Jeff Glen, Greta Evenson, Charles Paterson, Joyce Manning, Lynn Bourland and Alan Mace, 2Neat correspondent Malcolm Ruthven remembers building the snow ramp into the pool.

Life Magazine January 4, 1963 : Cover - The Miracle of Greece. Inside cover full page color Oreo cookies ad, wooden spoon full of creamy filing. Full page Champion Spark. Plugs ad with photo of Mickey Thompson's Challenger.

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